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Welcome To Our Community (Come! Unity!)


We all are part of the Human Race: One Great Family. Why don't we treat each other like Family with the Hope of the kind of Love, Acceptance, & Mutual Respect we all want? That is a complex question, but our child hearts want better results! Many want to understand the various "scripts" we inherited or bought into growing up. To understand how to unravel that with Trust,

Friendship, Increased Bonding, and Healthy Connections is one of our Life's great Quests. Our Earth School is rich with Lessons. Why not embark on this exciting adventure together, and explore solutions, inspiration, and expanded skills with honesty and mutual respect? Each of us has a Contribution that no one else can bring to the Table. The Banquet Table is set. Let's Feast and have Fun.

Our Full-Time Job has been to create Installation, Promo & Sales videos on a website for The Endura Wall System. This is a Super-Green, ingenious way to build!

Fun Family Festivals in Highland, Utah. We got to film the Baby Contest, Car Show, Highland Games, Concert and Community Parade.

We loved filming in Israel & Ireland. Here is a short Vignette we put together for Morris Murdock Travel of our Trip. We are preparing a 2 hour Video Tour with so many of the Teachings we enjoyed there we will post on our Video Channel. 

Our Friends are The Neighborhood Beekeepers featured in The Daily Herald. Notice Mike's Designer Bee Wings. There is a lot we can learn from Bees & their Industry. www.Beejuvenate.com

We loved filming many Community Events, Fundraisers, Festivals, Art Balls, Parades, Baby Contests and more. Here is a fun dance at the Springville Art Museum.

Our Hometown Springville, Ut. is known as The Art City. We have filmed their Museum Art Balls for 4 years. It is a beautiful way to Celebrate our Community of Creativity.

Another classy Event we have filmed, 1 of 4 at the Springville Museum of Art, an amazing Community Event to sustain Beauty & Creativity in the Art World.

A short film to remember & Celebrate the LDS Church's involvement with the Boy Scouts, and get to the heart of why it has been a blessing for generations. 

The Springville Art Museum's Princess Tea remind us that we come from Royalty. We can all be "Loyal to the Royal" within us. Each girl was escorted & honored for her talents & dreams!

Mike helped a lot of Farms across the country with their "Agritainment" (Agricultural Entertainment). Like this video, life is like a MAZE...and it's Amazing too!