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Merry Christmas! Be a part of the Inn Crowd, and Celebrate the King!
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Shawn Littlebear
LDS Cheyenne Medicine Man

Questions Addressed at our Arizona Conference

Why is America a Covenant Land?

What 4 things are our Covenant Blessings?

What Ancient American Record details what happened to 2

Great Civilizations that turned away from those blessings?

What is happening to our Youth Statistically, and how do we help?

What specific tools do we use to pass our life tests & trials?

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Arizona Conference Speakers!

Rod Meldrum
FIRM Foundation
Book of MormonEvidence.org
Dean Sessions
Universal Model

Video Version of Preparing A People Podcast 26

Isaiah Dreams & Visions Lecture Series
Isaiah Dreams & Visions Trailer
Jason Mow
Pamela Romney Openshaw
Jon Miller
CEO: Private Tax Solutions
Kathryn Spencer
American Family Education
Thor Furuseth
Motivational Speaker
Medical Sales
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Merry Christmas! Be a part of the Inn Crowd, and Celebrate the King!
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How Do You Answer This Critical Question?

If you knew very soon, your family would be asked by God to leave most of your possessions behind, and flee for safety into the wilderness on the eve of tribulation and destruction, what would you do to get prepared?

“….that the Saints of God may have a place to flee to and stand in holy places while judgment works in the earth; that when the sword of God that is bathed in heaven falls upon Idumea, or the world,—when the Lord pleads with all flesh by sword and by fire, and the slain of the Lord are many, the Saints may escape these calamities by fleeing to the places of refuge, like Lot and Noah.” 
Wilford Wilford Woodruff  (History of the Church, 6:26)

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What does a former BYU Professor graphically show of the Patterns & Signs in the Heavens that few have ever seen? 20 years in the making, Val Brinkerhoff may help you view calendars, the UPCOMING ECLIPSE (Aug. 21, 2017), and FEAST of TABERNACLES (Sept 23, 2017)  in a whole new way.