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Our Sense of Belonging:

Honoring our Family Histories

Honoring Our Family & Heritage


Answering the Call from our Creator, Jesus Christ,

to Bring our Family HOME.

All Families are "Blended" in one way or another, through marriage unions, through re-marriage, through Communities, Cultures & Countries. In the daily doings, sometimes we feel that our hearts are in a blender...we "Grate" on each other, we sometimes "Chop" off each other's sentences or thoughts, we try to keep a "Pulse" on each other and our children, and sometimes we might just feel "Liquified." But in the end, it's all good. Maybe we can choose the best part of this process: In the end we can turn into a Healthy Smoothie!

Here is to Blooming where were are Planted...especially at the Crossroads of each other's lives. We are all Family...every last one. And a our Heavenly Parents have a Plan to Reclaim & Redeem every last one that will accept the miraculous ways of Learning, Loving & Leaving a Legacy.

Honoring A Rich Family Heritage in her Navajo Way

Betty LaFontaine


Betty LaFontaine grew up in New Mexico and recounts the great blessings of the traditions her Grandparents and parents taught her. She felt blessed to come to Utah as a teenager for schooling, where later she met her future husband, Mike, who also has a Native American background. They both are great leaders in their community where they now reside, in Jacksonville, Florida. Nancy and Mike were blessed to film 2 firesides in their home in October 2017 about Book of Mormon Chronologies and Church History. 


Birth- Trailing Clouds of Glory from our Home Above.

Our First Grandchild


Mike's oldest daughter Diana, married her best friend from childhood, whose father actually turned out to be Mike's former roommate at BYU!

Diana didn't like Dylan teasing her when they were young kids, but he always knew how he felt about her. Here is their sweet Baby Ammon.

The Pattern of Birth to Baptism

Jocelyn Colleen Osmond


Baptism is a Celebration of New Birth, of New Promises, and A New Life. We may have many other "baptisms" of sorts, but we hope you feel the beauty of Innocence, Young Womanhood, Purity, & Hopes and Dreams of a Sweet, Talented Little Girl.

May this renew our Spirit of Re-Membering our Memberships in the Sacred Circles of Christ's Great Love Testament & At-One-Ment.

Family Gatherings - Mission Reunions - Celebrations

Hymas Family


Natalie Hymas served her mission to Puebla, Mexico, and as usual, their family of 10 children and Grandkids were able to come celebrate with her.

Nancy's sister Janice Payne Hymas is her mother, and she is the 2nd daughter to serve a mission. All of Nancy's younger 3 sisters served Spanish Speaking Missions, and with Nancy, have 30 children between them.

Marriage: A right of passage

Jordan & Charity


The Daughter of our friends who edited Julie Rowe's books and Hector Sosa's Book "A Change is Coming" married our nephew Jordan. We have become wonderful friends and mutual support.

Stories from one of the Great Families: The Prophet Joseph

Fireside with Michael Kennedy-
1st Modern-Day Descendant to hold the Melchizedek Priesthood in the Joseph Smith Family.


Nancy's Father was a father of sorts to the Kennedy family, and was their attorney after a fatal accident that killed Michael's father, just hours before his marriage to Darsy in the Provo Temple. Nancy remembers MIchael staying at their home that night, and her father receiving a call at 2 a.m. that his father, mother and brother had been in a terrible accident, driving from Nevada.They have been a part of the Payne family ever since.

Tribute to Marriage & Commitment

Bob & Pamela Romney Openshaw


Family is a Legacy. So is Sacrifice. This is a tribute to one of the Greatest Generations of Committed People to Freedom & Family that has ever existed in History. Their children speak with gratitude.

Bob is a Retired Colonel in the Air Force. Pam raised a large and accomplished family (although quite diverse and in-process like the rest of us). She did much of that alone during Bob's career all over the world, but now he loves traveling with her as a Public Speak and Author of "Promises of the Constitution" and other Government & Civic Topics of our day.


The Hidden Ancestry of America

Steven Spykerman


Who is Steven Spykerman , and how did he come up with understandings about who we Americans are, when he is not a U.S. Citizen? How does he define who "Israelites" are as a British, non-LDS researcher? What do the symbols mean on the Presidential Seal, and the Royal Arms of Britain?

erica has with it's mother country, Great Britain? 

Steven has some inspiring insights, rare for those outside of the Restored Gospel narrative.

Becoming Adam & Eve

Ali Bell


Ali is a beautiful person filled with quiet insights but with powerful consequences. She has come through much tribulation and trial in her life, and has grown into a masterful friend and teacher to many who are looking for answers to their own understanding of how the Creation and our first parents still have influence on us for good.

Sound Financial Skills Bring Peace of Mind

Lynn Stratford


What are the 3 Stages of Financial Living? Lynn Stratford reveals how to establish stability in financial principles so we can have peace of mind. This helps every generation, whether you are helping married or single kids, yourselves or others.

Lynn reveals interesting statistics about bankruptcy, & where families are running into problems.

Living in the Family Blender

Clark Burbidge


What are the 10 Principles of a successful blended family? What does a "Blended Family" look like anyway? In a humorous and kind way, Brother Burbidge offers experiences and insights from his own blended family. With stories and research over the years, he shows how to help heal, and assist children at this important juncture of family life for many of us.