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Websites We Recommend

These are resources we love and continue to learn great insights from.  These links are loaded with Gospel prophecies, Dreams, Visions, Near Death Experiences, Signs and teachings related to the End-Times and the Gathering of the House of Israel. Bless great men & women everywhere for consecrating their best efforts to bring our One Great Family Home, making Heaven on Earth.

Isaiah Explained with Avraham Gileadi

Avraham Gileadi Ph.D’s groundbreaking research and analysis of the Book of Isaiah provides the ideal medium for publishing Isaiah’s message to the world.


David Allan-World Reknown Scientist

What would your life be like without the Atomic Clock? How about GPS? David Allan's "Allan Variance" has changed the world for good...something he always hoped for, in order to give all the Glory to God. He is known as "The Praying Scientist." See his new, International ground-breaking book on his website.


Rod Meldrum-BofMormon Evidence
EXPOS & Conferences

Rod Meldrum has spent over 20 years doing research on tough Book of Mormon questions dealing with DNA, Geography, History, and correcting myths that have cropped up in the Mormon Culture about controversies. His website is replete with videos, publications and the New Annotated Book of Mormon of heirloom quality.


Jonathan Neville - Moroni's America

Have you ever wondered why so many people are losing faith because of seemingly "reasonable" arguments that anti-mormons seem to bring up? This website addresses most of the tough questions with faith proof evidences that refute why so many scholars can be misleading.


LDS Archaeology

Wayne May is a prolific researcher and publisher of Evidences of the Book of Mormon in the Covenant Land of the United States. He shows extensive ties to the Adena (Jaredite), Hopewell (Nephite) and Mississippian Cultures and how they tie into America's Archaeology.


A Remnant Shall Return

A Site Dedicated to the Latter-Day Restoration of the Lost Ten Tribes and educating people on the events leading to the second coming of Jesus Christ.



Our most valuable resource conaining over 1 mission posts.  LDSAVOW is an online LDS community of preparedness-minded people. Has small monthly fee to



No Fear Preps - Mechelle McDermott

Compilation of prepping materials for both physical and spiritual knowledge from an LDS perspective.


Book of Mormon Evidence - Rod Meldrum

The truthfulness of the Book of Mormon, with an emphasis on the scriptural and physical evidences recently discovered indicating North America as the most likely location where its epic history played out. 


The Universal Model of Science -
Dean Sessions

The mission of this blog is to further the cause of Zion through the written and spoken word, to be a reflection of the love of Christ and His glorious plans for our day, and to help us all walk in the Light


UnBlogMySoul - John Pontius

The mission of this blog is to further the cause of Zion through the written and spoken word, to be a reflection of the love of Christ and His glorious plans for our day, and to help us all walk in the Light


Brilliantly Spoken

Whenever we want a fun and spiritual Pep Talk with some hilarious slants on Biblical stories, we enjoy listening to Graham Cooke's surprising depth & faith. Graham is not LDS, but he is as inspirational as most motivational Coaches in our opinion, based in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Graham Cooke YouTube Channel

TruNews - Rick Wiles

Known for its coverage of important news not heard on mainstream news channels.  We respect Rick for his strong Christian values and his prophetic insights. Even though this is not an LDS-based news source, it is professional and lead by good Christian leaders.