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All content represented here is created by each individual participant as a contribution of their research, scholarship, talent, expression and/or experience. Preparing a People is a Forum designed to uplift and inspire toward self-evident good. Any affiliation with other organizations are in support of spreading the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to a worldwide audience, We gladly anticipate the Gathering of Israel to unify the Human Family. We promote trust, love, understanding, knowledge, growth, spiritual strength & social bonds under the banner of The Creator, Jesus Christ, who is known by many names. We also claim the love and sacrifice of all our ancestors and Heavenly Family. As above, so below...Heaven on Earth.

Some of Our Friends & Clients


Understanding the Divine Series
A 21 hour DVD & CD Series we Filmed & Produced. EXCELLENT CONTENT!
Isaiah Institute
We loved working on the 7 Vignettes that will quickly teach Isaiah, even to kids.
The Endura Wall System
For Millennial Building with all the Best Benefits at a Competitive Cost.
What Isaiah Saw of Our Day
Dr. Gileadi explains each of the 66 Chapters of Isaiah in his own words.
Book of Mormon Evidence Conf.
We have loved filming hundreds of Book of Mormon Evidence Conference Classes.
Webcast Series
3 Great Scholars team up for this Series of 4 Webcasts on The Lord's Timetable.
Promises of the Constitution
Pam Openshaw makes it easy to learn the Constitution-5 minutes a day! E-Book
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