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Miracles & Missions

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Inspiring stories & experiences.


One of the many interesting stories from our Classic Gal

Dorothy Hinckley

Can you detect an accent from this foreign-born young-hearted friend to all?  Dorothy shares a quick memory of an interesting visitor to her church as a young lady, who shared an unexpected pioneer story from the Old West.

At the end are snippets of some of her masterful lessons sent to several Sister Missionaries in her ward. They were too good to pass up!

My Mysterious Visit from a Man in the Woods led me to find Answers

Gil Andrews

Why would a man appear out of the woods to talk to a 5 year little boy? Gil was told about 3 questions, which he never forgot, and then later in life, there were many other miracles that brought Brother Andrews to meet key friends and influences to help him find answers for his heart. 

Our dear friend, Amanda Dupont

Life Stories that
Connect Generations


10 years ago, Nancy met Burt Dupont, the first full-blooded Hawaiian to be called as a Mission President. He and his lovely wife served in Chile, then in Spain. Here is Amanda speaking about Burt and his flying missions as a pilot and Colonel in the U.S. Air Force. Nancy was able to see Amanda again this past Sept. 2016 in a miraculous way.


Chinese Delegation 2002

Nancy's Thai Restaurant


Nancy's former home teacher Bruce Hawkins from Marysville, Wa. and his wife, a famous (and moving) dancer from Tibetan descent, invited a Chinese Delegation to be hosted at her innovative Thai Restaurant, which they enjoyed. Bruce had worked with Dallin H. Oaks to establish Sister City and State relationships with Utah & China right before Tiananmen Square erupted with protests in 1989, which interrupted the possible preaching of the Gospel in China that Bruce had worked on for years.

Isaiah Instititue
Avraham Gileadi PhD

What did Isaiah see in our Day?


Produced for the Isaiah Institute and renowned Isaiah scholar Avraham Gileadi Ph.D.


Narration by Marvin Payne