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Our Mission

"To Help Prepare the People of this World for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ."

We have felt led to assist in serving and blessings others, to help them get spiritually and physically prepared for the coming days of trial and tribulation.  Many of God's children are asleep, or have "normalcy bias" that prevents them from ever imagining God's protection being withdrawn from our nation.   We believe the time is fast approaching when God's protection will be withdrawn, in order to bring his children to Christ through the testimony of famine, earthquakes, economic disaster,  an invasion from a modern day Assyrian Alliance, and other calamities fortold by both ancient and modern Prophets of God.   We know God's pattern has never had the righteous remain in place, but to always flee Babylon.  We believe God will call out his very elect to gather in places of protection, safety and refuge, as he directs through living Prophets.  We believe Great are the Words of the Prophet Isaiah who foresaw our times—the end-times when the righteous will be gathered, and the wicked cleansed from this earth in preparation to gather the lost tribes of Israel to Zion.  We look forward to the rapidly coming changes to our current Telestial way of life, and rejoice in the hope of a far better world to soon come!  The righteous need not fear! They must have faith in A God who can transform them, body, mind and spirit.   We look forward to the rise of great latter-day servants who were foreordained to defeat evil, preach the gospel and assist in gathering those who are honest in heart and who are willing to repent of their sins and turn toward the Savior.   We look forward to the gathering of all of Israel's lost tribes and to the building up of the New Jerusalem and the Millennial reign of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ our Savior and Redeemer.   There is still so much good to celebrate, contrary to what the message of a falling world would lead us to believe. We are now living in the midst of Divine Drama unfolding before our very eyes, and the stakes are high.  Read a great blog post HERE that expresses things even better - "Last Days Events—What is Next?"

Still, the Victories are at hand, every day, many ways. The ripples of our choices to become Change Agents, and Transitional Figures of Forgiveness, Knowledge, Wisdom & Spiritual Empowerment can transform everything...and light can permeate the darkest places and hearts. We can count on it! Everything that seems amiss, evil, dark, hopeless or lost is just an experience. Be with it...love the contrasts. They Teach. They Reach. They are our Art.

We set forth a Banquet of new Possibilities...Great Individuals are Setting the Table for New Beginnings, New Understandings, and New Inspiration: A Place to Feast and to "Come, let us reason together." We appreciate the opportunity to get to know choice others on similar paths who also desire a Great Family Reunion. It has begun. 

Mechelle McDermott
"The Great Gathering"
Jesus Christ our Head

Founder-Creator-Brother-Friend-Redeemer-Savior-The Son-The Anointed One-Man of Holiness/Wholeness


We are of Ephraim, Manasseh, and all the Tribes that make up our One Great Family. Each Tribe possibly holds a Sacred Key and Contribution for the Great Gathering at Lord's Table. Think of the great Archetype Joseph of Egypt. He set the Table for all his brothers to return "Home" to his Heart. It was long in the making, but the Pattern continues...as in the Beginning. 


The Savior is calling His Family Home..to His Heart...to Heaven. We get to surrender our all to His Service, because we are His. He bought and paid for all our learning curves, and it's all good. He loves us in-the-process. It's perfect. We get to choose to stay on the Path of Completion, until we are made Whole and Complete through Him. Our best efforts are enough. Joy in the Journey is our Quest.

Michael James

Co-Founder Color My Media / Utah Wedding Story


Mike is gifted in multi-forms of Media, Photography, Video, Marketing and has had extensive experience with large Corporations like Boy Scouts of America.  Mike was Marketing Director for The Great Salt Lake Council, the largest Boy Scout Council in the world.  Mike has worked for several creative Ad Agencies and his own companies. His vision is a fun secret weapon to expressing his gifts, and most who know him enjoy his fun sense of humor and courage to take on new challenges, figuring out difficult problems, and finding solutions that are often "out-of-the-box." 

He loves being a balanced and inspired husband, father, brother, friend and leader. He has been committed to growth, to looking at inherited weakness, and choosing to heal many of those things passed down, and showing up to fulfill a greater mission, even though challenges have often seemed insurmountable at times. 

Mike has loved serving others, and exploring new possibilities for healing many mortal trials, through overcoming health set-backs, financial stresses, divorce, and working with troubled youth to name a few. He loves making a difference, and also has great compassion for the journeys we all experience through many contrasts. He served as Marketing Director, Project Manager or IT Director for many of  Companies like Stephen Hales Creative, Phone Directories, Harmony Educational Services and he has owned his own Companies Alchemedia and Thought Sprocket. Mike specialized in Technology working at Origin Studios with accounts such as Microsoft, X-box and Playstation. He loves taking great ideas of creativity, and launching them into greater success through Media Marketing and Cutting-Edge Technologies. He has many skills that every employer has valued in Technology, Graphic Design, Artistic finesse, Imagination, and just a fun sense of humor. Mike has depth and breadth in traditional advertising, graduating with a B.A. in Public Relations, but he also has grown to master most effective marketing strategies utilizing the Internet and Social Media (and his Creative Eye).


C: 801-404-3342  

O: 801-224-3009

E: Colormymedia@yahoo.com

Nancy Payne James

Co-Founder Color My Media / Utah Wedding Story


Nancy loves people all over the world and has traveled extensively, living abroad
in Argentina & Mexico. She owned her own Thai Restaurant, Catering Company, Health organizations, and taught Voice & Violin for over 30 years.


She is an Educator, has been an Owner-Builder in the Northwest (U.S.), and has finally found her IDEAL in the Construction World with Endura Wall System, 

hands down! She has always looked forward to the healing and Gathering of Israel, and what we can all do to bring the world to Christ for the New Millennium.

Nancy toured worldwide with the BYU Folkdancers, Mentors International, Morris Murdock Travel and other groups.  She worked for JetBlue and taught Cooking, Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship at Harmony Educational Services where she served as Musical Director for "Seussical." Nancy has B.A. degrees in International Relations & Spanish with a Minor in Music. Both she and Mike enjoyed serving as resident Photographers and Videographers of the Springville Art Museum for their Annual Ball as Publicity Committee Members for 4 years of Community Service. They have 7 children who are their joy, and 3 grandchildren, 2 of them born in Feb. 2017.

Friends & Eternal Partners

And it was a LONG JOURNEY to get here...


Who are we?

We are two curious people who had a lot of questions about life as little children. We wanted to know how things worked, why the world works the way it does (with all the Pecking Orders that confuse us), what matters in relationships (REAL-lationships), and how to understand our roles as children, siblings, parents and now Grandparents.


We believe we agreed to take on experiences that would teach us the maximum possibilities toward becoming like our Heavenly Parents. We failed along the way (or so it seemed), but chose to fulfill love contracts we created with ourselves, others and Heavenly Parents. We choose to claim 1) the Atonement of Jesus Christ (who cleans up our messes, lol),  2) to create greater blessings from this mortal "Earth School," 3) to recover & transform from challenges & perceived losses so that we can Grow from exercising Faith, and 4) to claim our Salvation through the Savior's great Work of Beauty and Glory.


After what seems like several lifetimes, we finally found each other after many interesting adventures, disappointments, rich learning in a Hard School of Knocks, and just plain confusion at times (Old Scratch loves to throw those fiery darts, old mental constructs, & weakness at everyone, and he's good at it).


And we are still here, claiming greater blessings and exciting challenges. It feels good to feel the Spirit of Hope, Love, Christ, and Infinite Possibilities, in spite of our weakness. It's all good. We experience who we are NOT, in order to learn who we ARE...over and over again. None of us knows what we don't know...until we DO!  


It's beautiful to see & be with others (so many dear friends, including siblings, children, parents and so many of YOU) who are willing to be vulnerable and humble. So many of you are powerful in your accomplishments and journey.

We are all "in-process." Great things are coming. Thanks for being fellow travelers onward and upward, until a New Day.